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“Why Should I Join?”

  • Do you want to move to the next level with your writing career, but AREN’T?
  • Do you have overwhelm or procrastination?
  • Do you feel stuck in your writing or in what it takes to be making money with it? If you are currently making money, do you know how to continue your success and evolve it?
  • Do you wonder what’s stopping your success as a writer?
  • Do you ever find yourself lacking motivation?
  • Do you ask yourself “where do I go from here” as a writer ?
  • Do you have a plan for your Writing Career at all?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these: Then, THIS is the Solution you’re looking for.

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Writer-In-Action is an outstanding Writer Training for fiction writers, non-fiction writers, screenwriters, playwrights, poets, bloggers, magazine writers, beginning writers, even well-established writers who have hit a slump   … ANYONE who writes but wants greater success in their career.

“Module 1 – ALONE – was worth the price of the whole series! I can’t wait to see what Julie does next. It’s very exciting!”
S. Skarie, WiA Screenwriter, Maryland

What IS Writer-In-Action, anyway?

It is: a remarkable ONE-OF-A-KIND motivational video/audio web education series that is your key to being an empowered writer. It is a subscription service (just like a magazine) you get once a month. It is set up in a graduated Dream Big Steps propulsion system designed to thrust you past all your blocks and barriers in writing.

This is the only online success series for Writers taught by – not only by a Writer – but also an Expert in Personal Development, Success  & Creativity who has a Masters in Rapid Change Technology/Neuro-Linguistics and Hypnotherapy. It is taught by someone who has dealt with the issues you are facing, as well.

Writer-In-Action is getting Writers everywhere AMAZING results.  Be one of them!

In Each Monthly Module You Get:

  • 1 Powerful Rapid Change Process for breaking you through (Processes like this usually valued at $225 ALONE each in a private session with Julie!)
  • 1 Task to keep you moving forward till next month
  • 1 or more recommendations/referrals to expand your writing knowledge, $-making ability
  • Lively, fun, INSPIRING content each month filled with brain-changing results
  • Special notices, interviews, contests and prizes for Writer-In-Action Members throughout the series

Let Master “Life Evolutionist” Julie Michaels and Executive Director of be your Tour Guide on the path to discovering the motivated, working, successful writer you deserve to be.

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You Get These Bonus *** Gifts
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$$$  V.I.P. Access to the “Ask Julie” Email Program when your writing gets stuck for 8 months!


$$$  Julie will read the first few pages of your work – to give you feedback on a Mini-Consult

$$$ 75 Dollars for money off most goods and services on the coaching site.

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“Working with Julie Michaels is like having jet rocket fuel under your creativity! Julie’s Future Self Process alone was awe-inspiring. It changed my life as a writer!!! Isn’t it GREAT to have your writing excuses, gone?!”
T. Nole – Entrepreneur/Producer/Author Seattle, WA/New York, NY The Only Livin' Girl in NY Blog

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